The Loft is the workspace and professional studio of Nashville A-list drummer, Nick Buda. Working in industry-standard Pro-Tools, Nick matches high-caliber performances with high-caliber recording. The Loft is available for all variety of projects, from songwriting demos to major-label album releases.

Recording Gear

Digi 002 (with Black Lion Audio Mod)
API 512b channel preamp x2
DBX 386 2 dual vacuum tube preamp
Focusrite Octopre 8 channel preamp
Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor
Nady HPA-4 Line Distributor
TL Audio Dual Valve preamp/compressor
M-Audio Oxygen 8 V2

M-Audio BX8a

Shure Beta 52A (Kick)
Shure SM57 x2 (snare)
Shure SM7A
Audio Technica 4033B
Avantone CR14 Ribbon Mics x2 (Close Room)
Avantone CV12 Tube Mic
Digital Reference CX-1
Audix D2 x2 (Rack Tom)
Audix D4 (Floor Tom)
Rode NT5 x2 (Far Room)
Nieve Se4 x2 (Overhead)
Sennheiser e835
MXL 991 (hi-hat)
MXL 990x2



Pork Pie Drums (silver sparkle w/ maple shells)
the main Loft kit
18x22 kick, 8x10 and 9x12 rack toms,12x14 and 14x16 floor toms

Pork Pie Drums (mahogany shells w/ maple reinforcement hoops)
15x24 kick, 9x13 rack tom, 16x16 floor tom

Gretsch Drums (maple shells)
18x22 kick, 9x12 rack tom, 12x14 and 14x16 floor toms

1960's Gretsch Drums (maple shells)
16x22 kick, 9x12 rack tom, 16x16 floor tom

Ludwig Drums – early ‘70’s red sparkle maple kit w/ re-enforced hoops
16x22 kick, 8x12 and 9x13 rack toms and 16x16 floor tom

George Way 6.5x14 solid shell maple
Ludwig 6.5x14 hammered brass
’71 Ludwig 400 5x14
Late 60’s Ludwig 6.5x14 maple
Ludwig 5x14 Black Beauty
Ludwig 6.5x14 Black Beauty
Early 70’s Rogers 5x14 Powertone
Brady 6.5x14 Jarrah Block
Pork Pie 6x12 Maple
Pork Pie 5x14 Mahogany w/ maple reinforcement hoops
Craviotto solid shell 8x14 maple 
Craviotto solid shell 5x14 butternut
Tama stave shell 3x14 Piccolo
Noble and Cooley 4.75x14 Alloy Classic
GMS 5.5 x 14 maple
Gretsch 8x14 hammered brass

Cymbals – Sabian- assorted Artisan, HHX, HH and various others.

Heads - all Evans
For snare batter I use Coated G1’s or G2’s or Powercenter. For resonant I use the Hazy 300.
For Toms I use mainly coated G2’s on the batter side.. Sometimes I’ll use coated G1’s depending on the drum and the session. For the bottom tom heads I use clear resonant heads
For Kick drums I use a coated EQ4 or the clear EMAD  on the batter side and EMAD resonant on the resonant side.