Here's a little clip of the Randy Houser gig I filled in on last Saturday. Unfortunately the gopro just stopped in the fun drum part.. but you get the idea.. Fun was had!

So this last Saturday night I filled in for my good friend Kevin Murphy with my old friend Randy Houser. Back in the day (yeah, that long ago), I used to play with Randy to packed rooms all over Nashville. The band was loud and really great.. It was a great time.. And now, all these years later, I got to go out and do it again, except without knowing most of the songs. Firstly, I gotta say how awesome it was to se how well Randy's done over the years. He's got this big ole backline with huge risers, tons of lights and crazy fog machines.. a long way from 12th and Porter. It's nice to see someone you care about break through. However, that also meant a lot of work on my part. Not only did I have to learn the set, but I also had to trigger loops and tracks which added a whole other challenge, not to mention all while playing Kevin's kit which was attached to the riser, so no moving that! And no, Kevin set up isn't anywhere close to mine. And then there were the fog machines.. A lot of fun, but it's hard to see the charts, or anything for that matter, when you're completely covered in cotton candy smelling clouds. Anyway, I had a lot of fun and I think the guys did too. Here's a little clip from my gopro which shut off at the best part, but that's how it goes. 

And there's my first full blog! Not so bad....