The Loft is the workspace and professional studio of Nashville A-list drummer, Nick Buda. Working in industry-standard Pro-Tools, Nick matches high-caliber performances with high-caliber recording. The Loft is available for all variety of projects, from songwriting demos to major-label album releases.

Buda Blog

“Nick Buda is a fantastic drummer. Hands down in the top 3 I’ve ever worked with in my career. And I’ve had some pretty big beasts behind the kit while I’m producing. The defining thing for me with Nick is that he will play the lyric, the emotion, the song. A lot of guys lay down a great beat. But few listen to the singer so closely. That’s how I would define what sets him above the crowd of other drummers out there. Listen to the Fearless album by Taylor Swift and you’ll get what I mean in about 2 amazing bars of him bringing it. Thanks Nick for the hits!”
— Nathan Chapman, Grammy Award-winning Producer


Nick has played on hundreds of projects from chart-topping major label releases to independent recordings.

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