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How Do I Go About getting Nick buda To Play Drums on My track?

  1. Review the Frequently Asked Questions Below.
  2. Prepare your tracks.
  3. Contact The Loft Sound Studio using the Submit Your Track form below. Nick will reach out to you within 48 hours to get your project rolling. This will include a Paypal invoice for the project.
  4. Your project will be complete generally within a week. You will be provided an MP3 for approval or revisions. Once the invoice is paid in full, you will be provided the finished product.

What can I expect from The Loft Sound?

You will get two full drum passes on your track. This provides you  some options with either fills or some different part ideas in different sections. If I feel the track needs tambourine or shaker - or if you request it specifically - I will add that as well.

You will get the drums sent back either within the Protools file you sent me, or I'll send back folders with the wav files organized by take so you can import them in to whatever music software you're using.

How Should I Prepare my Tracks for The Loft Sound?

Your tracks should be recorded to a click track.

I have come in at the beginning of a project, where the drums are the first "real" tracks - and I have come in at the end such the drums were the last piece of the song. To that end, you may provide anything from a simple guitar and vocal to a nearly finished multitrack project. Either way, play to a click.

What format should my track be in?

Tracks provided should be uncompressed -  either be in AIFF or WAV format. *Please do not provide as MP3s as the compression results in a loss of fidelity. 

I definitely prefer multi-tracks
versus a single track. If you have multiple tracks/stems, please export the tracks individually. If you have created your project in Protools, please provide the entire Protools project.

There are many resources you may use to transfer large files, including Drop Box, Hightail, WeTransfer, Google Drive, Box. Reference where I can access your files in the Submit Your Track form.

How do I communicate what I would like on the track(s)? How do I tell you what I want?

Be as descriptive as possible when filling out the Submit Your Track form. We can email or talk on the phone so that you can describe what you're looking for.

What if I have revisions?

I am happy to make revisions to your track. I'll send an mp3  before I send the whole track back. If you'd like anything different, I am happy to accommodate with up to two (2) rounds of revision discussions. 


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