LAB: Getting Into Music and Making it Work

Berklee Alumni Spotlight: Nick Buda ’96
Written by: Shantell Ogden '05
Published in Berklee Blogs on May 3, 2013


Nick credits Berklee for his first experiences in studio work, expanding musical foundation and ear training.

“Working in the studio with other students made me much more aware as a musician and helped me gain studio experience in the safety of school,” he said. “Ear training was valuable for me, it helped me learn how to chart songs.”

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree with a focus on percussion performance Nick returned to Nashville. After two years, he heard about a touring position with Colonel Bruce Hampton through a Berklee connection.

“I toured with Bruce two years and it was a real-life road education,” said Nick. “Bruce was really quirky and he had a cult-like following. Shows were about ‘go to war’, and it was two hours or more of heavy-hitting hard work every night.”

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