I've been talking to Mike Dawson over at Modern Drummer Magazine for a while now about doing a little web series with them that gets into my process when I record at my studio, The Loft. Since the studio is behind my house and I am often recording on my own while emailing with the client/artist, I typically end up recording tracks in my pj's. And so the breakfast sessions have come together. As I do more of these, i'll get more into the process of how I come up with parts, how I choose sounds for a particular recording, and how I get the sounds I do in my studio. There'll probably end up being some guests/friends that join me at some point as well. Who knows the craziness we'll get into... A big thanks goes out to Mike for encouraging me to get this going and also to the artists and producers that send me all these great songs to play!. Enjoy and please feel free to throw suggestions my way of what you'd like to see and hear. 


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